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“Come On Toast”

It started with my mother Donna, my father Roy and Aunt Lil (my Uncle Joe had passed) sitting around the kitchen table talking.  They were telling me the story of when they took Aunt Lil camping for the first time.  Listening to the three of them telling the same story was hysterical.  Aunt Lil would start a sentence my mother would finish it.  My father would start Aunt Lil would finish.  My mother said they had borrowed a slide-in camper for the back of dad’s pickup truck from their friend Charlie.  They decided to drive to North Carolina to visit Aunt Lil and Uncle Joe’s daughter.  One of their stops on the way down happened to be at the North Carolina Visitor’s Center.  They were not staying long and had no hook-ups.  It was still early in the morning so they decided to make coffee and toast for breakfast.  Uncle Joe and dad were checking things on the outside while mother and Aunt Lil were doing things inside the camper.  Dad and Uncle Joe came in and asked Aunt Lil what she was making.  Aunt Lil said, “Toast!”  Dad was rubbing his hands together vigorously in anticipation and said, “Come on Toast!”  After several minutes had passed and no toast popped up they all looked at each other and starting laughing uncontrollably. Realizing no electricity, no TOAST!  

With the blessings and challenges of family, business, and life I try to hold on to these special moments, keepsakes and gifts;

 for when I am waiting for something and nothing happens I can still smile and say

“Come on TOAST!”  





Family short stories presented by Sheryl